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Factory63, Boston

The Art & Fashion of African Head Wrapping

What happens when you share your artistic passion, cultural pride, and holistic practices with your community?

Be it a protective style or fashionable alternative to uncomfortable wigs, Tafari Wraps strives to uplift the spirit and restore the dignity of our Wrapshop participants through an educational experience centered around the cultural, holistic, and artistic expression that is African head wrapping.

Intent on encouraging the embrace of a traditional practice, head wrapping, Imani began her journey with Tafari Wraps at the Dorchester YMCA where she facilitated her first Wrapshop. Immediately, Imani discovered a need not just to inform her Boston community on a lost tradition, but the healing benefits of the headwrap. Spiritually, the adornment of our crowns serves as a form of protection against negative energy. Culturally, it has its roots in many practices throughout the African Diaspora which serves to connect us, no matter where along the triangle we may be. 

Time-and-time again, it became commonplace for women of varying ages and cultural experiences to, post facilitation, pull Imani aside to share their stories. Thriving through hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, and lupus, these brave women expressed gratitude for a safe alternative to the high-maintenece, uncomfortable wigs. Bold, vibrant textiles stitched with intention, our headwraps took on a new meaning.

It is our goal to restore the dignity, uplift the spirit, and provide non-invasive beautification solutions, be it for the cancer thriver or the sister having a bad hair day. No matter your experience, we have the perfect headwrap for you!

As Presented at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Wellesley College and more.


Endorsed by The American Cancer Society